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Social Media Slacker

Looking at a laptop, scrolling on social media
Scrolling the time away...?

I am a social media slacker, but not in the way you might think. By now we are all well aware of how social media affects our lives, everything from mental health to how we do business. If you take a look at my instagram page you will notice that I fall short of actively posting and I am totally okay with it. There was a time a couple of years ago when my account had hundreds of posts and I spent hours each day dedicated to showcasing my work and writing lengthy posts with interesting facts that included my camera settings for each shot etc. all in hopes that clients would come calling. It was all posting this and algorithms that. One day I sat back and asked myself who is this all for? I had never pulled any gigs from social media marketing, many of my followers were nowhere near my area of business and I was spending hours upon hours to acquire some "likes" and a few comments if I was lucky. So I deleted my hundreds of posts on Instagram and completely deleted my Facebook account. I was done having my data tracked and wasting precious time scrolling and posting. I was feeling pretty fried about all of it.

These days, I post from on Instagram time to time or make a reel for fun. I post because I want to, not out of obligation to the algorithm gods. I refuse to fall into a pit of social media despair. I do chip away at learning more about how to market on social media as I am well aware that other have had much success in that realm. However,I consider myself to be a bit of a rebel. I market my work in other ways and I am lucky enough to live in a community where word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool. Call me old fashion, I take it as a compliment.

How many hours a week are you on social media?

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  • 3 - 5

  • 5 - 10

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